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We specialize in providing of business process, outsourcing services for Insurance industry.

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AMTPL has marked its prominence in International market using domain experienced innovative technology solutions resulting in quality services

Striving for Excellence

We are service conscious and are always trying to improve our service towards excellence

Specialization in Insurance

We provide proficient integrated and competent services to Insurance Industry(General & Health Insurance)

User first approach

We bring robust yet user friendly and highly efficient, reliable ONE solution

Our Products

Today we live in technology age, why should one use paper for filing, receiving and processing an approval and claim for treatments? Medical Insurance is a business where security and confidentiality of the records are important.


We provide a comprehensive interoperable, robust, user friendly Solution named “TOSHFA” to manage health insurance. The system creates a brand by personalization and helps to resolve the major interoperability managerial challenges of faced by Insurance market in various countries that use disparate and fragmented IT systems.

Our product, TOSHFA is available on SQL Server 2014 & Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 with framework 3.5.

Live Insurance Management & Risk Application(LIMRA)

LIMRA is extremely capable in handling the various facets that involve Financial accounts Payables and Receivables, Reconciliation, Reports & MIS, Financial and Management Assessment, Customer Administration managing application Processing, customer Verification, Underwriting, Policy Statement Insurance policies/ Certificate Printing, Payment Processing, Billing & Payment. It also covers Policy Administration, Endorsement, Query Management, Policy Cancellation and Renewal, Renewed Policy Issue and Delivery, Prospectus or Statement Issue and Delivery.

Our Services

Our Software solutions cater the various business categories of general insurance covering marine cargo, marine hull, motor, travel, fire, engineering, aviation, property, Group & Individual Health Insurance, individual life, group life, broker/agent management.